About Us


Apex Motorsport LLC was started the same way many companies get started. Passion and a need that the market place could not fulfill.

Three years ago (after a 2 year search) Brian Leslie bought a 2008 BMW M6 Coupe, V10 with a manual 6 speed (only 320 ever made). Beautiful car with only 18K miles.  But as nice as the car was he couldn’t stop staring at the less than aesthetically pleasing brake calipers behind the 5 spoke 19” wheels so he attacked the internet for a solution.

Review: 2008 BMW M6 Coupe - CNET

Brian looked at the available options. The first of course were high performance brake systems. They look great but cost upwards of $5K. At the time tracking the car was not an option so he didn’t require such stopping power. He then investigated caliper covers. These range from formed metal to injection molded plastic. The one size fits all approach just didn’t seem to do the car justice.
After exhausting all possibilities Brian decided to design his own. Brian is an engineer, an enthusiast and a firm believer in “if you want the job done right, do it yourself”. He wanted to create a piece that enhanced the wheels appearance and looked as though it came with the car, not just bolted on. With many AutoCAD designs, multiple prototypes and hours of in depth research we finally arrived at what he thought was a piece that was worthy of being on his car.

After attracting a lot of attention at the local car shows and many design requests Brian and his two sons decided to produce our caliper covers for everyone. That’s when Apex Motorsport LLC was started.

In late 2022, Brian decided it was time to pass the torch and look for a new owner to help bring Apex Motorsport LCC to the next level. Brian met Link Moser, another NH car guy with a background in online marketing who was excited to take on the challenge. Link has been in love with 'things that go' since he was a little kid and jumped at the opportunity to help more people enhance the look of their cars and trucks with the high end brake caliber covers that Brian and his sons have worked so hard to develop.

"It's an honor and a privilege to carry forward the great designs and hard work than Brian has put so much time and heart into. I hope to make him proud and grow his legacy with Apex Motorsport!" - Link Moser, owner